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Spray Tanning:

Exfoliate a few days prior to tanning, especially focusing on drier areas like knees, ankles/feet, underarms, elbows and hands/wrists.

Don't have any moisturisers/creams, deodorant, make-up or perfumes on the skin.

Always wear loose clothing and open toe shoes after tanning so as not to cause any unwanted marks.

Shower lightly after the recommended development time of your spray tan.

Use plenty of moisturiser after having a spray tan, to keep skin hydrated and tan looking most natural.



A patch test is required 24 hours before, if you have never been waxed previously.

Exfoliate lighty prior to waxing to have all hairs accessible for removal.

No Heat treaments before or after waxing for 48 hours i.e hot showers, sauna, steam, sunbeds, sunbathing etc.

Do not apply any creams or make-up to the area after waxing for 24hours.

For long term results, book regular waxing visits and refrain for shaving or tweezing between appointments.



Always bring flip-flops for regular polish in pedicures.

Try book regular appointments for gel nails and long lasting polish. Recommended time is every two weeks.

Treat nails with care after treatments. Car doors, kitchen cupboards and switches can all cause potential damage.

Wear rubber gloves while cleaning as much as possible while any nail enhancements or polish is on to prolong the wear on your nails.

Using SolarOil cuticle oil on nails can help to prolong the nail life, keep nails nourished and hydrated and reduce any risk of breakages. It can be applied to natural nails or nails with polish or extensions on them.


NovaLash Lash Extensions:

Do not expose Nova Lash Eyelash Extensions to water 24 hours after the application.

When washing the face, use care and avoid splashing water or cleanser in the eye area.

Do not swim, use hot tubs, jacuzzis or steam rooms for 48 hours.

Avoid direct contact between moisturizers, eye creams or oil based make up removers.

Avoid any cosmetic product containing glycols or organic solvent.

Do not use water-proof mascara.

Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on the extensions. Sparkle Beauty provides clients with a take home lash brush on first visit.

Eyelashes normally shed on a regular and unknown basis, thus multiple extensions may be lost on any given day.

Keeping the eye area free of make-up accumulation on the lash line can help your lashes last longer.

Depending on how your take care of your lashes, you may visit our technician for touch ups every 2-3 weeks

Those clients who have a faster eyelash cycle may need touch-ups sooner, while those with a slower lash cycle may be able to wait a little longer than normal.

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